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YV² PB Forms a Youth Consultant Committee

February 2022

In February we convened our amazing YV² PB Youth Consultant Committee (YCC) to recruit and select youth candidates for the YV² PB Steering Committee. The YCC members (pictured below left to right) include Kaylee Sales, Azaria Coakley, Lisbeth Marquez-Delgado, Danny Cage and Jessica Monje Perez. The YCC is helping prepare the YV² PB Steering Committee Application due out March 21. This will be a paid summer opportunity for up to 10 youth who will collaboratively create the YV² PB process rule book, the first step of the PB process that will detail the specific rules, constraints, and opportunities for allocating ARPA funds to eligible COVID-19 relief and recovery in State Senate Districts 24 and 25.

YV² PB Forms a Youth Consultant Committee: News

Youth Consultant Committee

YV2 PB Kaylee Sales.jpg

Kaylee Sales

YV2 PB Azaria Coakley.jpg

Azaria Coakley

YV2 PB Lisbeth Marquez-Delgado.jpg

Lisbeth Marquez-Delgado

YV2 PB Danny Cage.jpg

Danny Cage

YV2 PB Jessica Monje Perez.jpg

Jessica Monje Perez

YV² PB Forms a Youth Consultant Committee: Team Members
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