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Project Implementers

Are you part of a community-based organization that would like to support a youth-led process for implementing local projects? 

Participatory Budgeting Oregon (PB Oregon) is seeking 5 - 7 organizations interested in collaborating with youth to design, budget, and implement projects in the following categories: 

  1. Youth Health Services

  2. Housing & Homeless Services

  3. Youth Public Art

  4. Youth Recreation & Cultural Programs

  5. Economic Justice  

Approximate project sizes and budgets:

  • 10 -15 projects will be developed with a budget range of $50,000 - $100,00 per project

  • 5 -10 projects will be funded with the available funds of $500,000

Project Implementers are funded through project awards in those ranges. Staff time and administrative costs can be calculated in those award amounts as part of the project cost totals.

The community selects and votes on winning projects which will then become the work of Project Implementers to carry out.

If your organization is interested in learning more about Youth Voice, Youth Vote Participatory Budgeting (YV² PB) and the opportunity to be a project implementer, please fill out this form by December 30.

Prospective project implementers will be invited to a meeting or info session with Participatory Budgeting Oregon.

Send your questions via e-mail to

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Organizations: Meet the Team
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